Excellent Email Marketing

Email Marketing is Dead.
Long Live Email Marketing.

How many times have you heard the death knell for email marketing? The truth is it’s never been stronger; it just requires more sophisticated techniques to maximise its vast potential.

When done right, it delivers powerful results with a very high return on investment, typically generating returns in excess of 40:1.

Chances are you already knew that, so how can we help you provide the email marketing returns your product deserves?

Our email marketing agency services will help you…

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Reach new audiences

We build cold email marketing campaigns with bespoke, tailored databases that provide incredible ROI

Improve conversions

Email nurturing helps you turn warm leads into customers. We build email marketing funnels that nurture your leads well.

Re-engage customers

Attract your ideal customer base with targeted outbound emails that drive conversions and maximise ROI.

Warm/nurturing re-engagement email

Re-engage and re-convert previous clients with our proven nurturing email campaigns.

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Elements of Successful Email Marketing

You may write emails on a daily basis, but the typical business or personal email is very different from an effective marketing email. To create a successful email marketing programme, you must take into consideration these details:


Compelling Email Copy

Your emails must be well-written. That begins with the subject line and carries through the body of the email, and even into the signature at the end. Email writing is short-form writing, which means every single word counts. It takes a deft approach to ensure your email copy says everything it needs to without a single excess word.

Attractive Email Template and Graphic Design

Plain-text emails might be just what your marketing programme needs. On the other hand, a bright, colourful template may work better for your brand. Whatever the case, it’s essential that design and layout is taken into consideration and each email template is professionally created and implemented.

Audience Segmentation

Strategic segmentation is one of the key drivers of successful email marketing. Dividing your database into lists based on contact activity, characteristics, position in the sales funnel or other criteria allows you to tailor messages to the reader and gives you more control over your overall email programme. That said, arbitrary lists and categories won’t deliver results; this process must be carefully planned with specific goals in mind.

Supporting Digital Marketing Materials

Captivating subject lines and exceptional copywriting can only get you so far in email marketing. After you’ve enticed someone to open your email, you must provide something worth the reader’s time. There are countless types of materials you can share through email, including:

The bottom line: If a reader feels that opening your email was a waste of their time, they’ll be less likely to open the next one.

Analytics and Data

Every email marketing campaign should have specific, measurable goals. Collecting data from your email marketing software, website analytics, social media metrics and other sources gives you insight into your campaign performance. With this information, you can proceed confidently with your email marketing programme, making adjustments strategically to meet your objectives.

Land In Your Audience’s Inbox

Email is too important to lean on guesswork. Brafton is here to bring data-led strategy to your email marketing program.