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Our Story

In the heart of East London, amidst the bustling streets of small businesses, we grappled with the challenge of managing social media. We initially turned to agencies for help, but their hefty price tags left us searching for alternatives. Freelancers seemed like a promising solution, but the inconsistency of their work left us wanting more.

With backgrounds in graphic design and marketing, we understood the importance of visually appealing content. However, juggling the demands of creating and posting content while focusing on growing our business proved to be a daunting task. That’s when the idea for 49 Pound Social was born – a solution that offers affordable, high-quality social media management for businesses like ours. We knew there had to be a better option out there, and we were determined to create it.

Our Mission

From our humble beginnings, we set out to provide budget-friendly social media management services that wouldn’t break the bank. Our mission was clear, to offer top-notch services at prices that small businesses could afford.

As word spread of our dedication to affordability and quality, our client base began to grow. What started as a small venture quickly blossomed into one of the most budget-friendly agencies in the UK, serving clients not only across the UK but also in the USA.

Today, we continue to strive towards our goal of making high-quality social media management accessible to businesses of all sizes. With a focus on affordability and excellence, we aim to be the go-to choice for small businesses looking to boost their online presence without breaking the bank.

What We Can Do for You


We've got your social sorted! Our team will take care of your social media, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.


Boost your brand with our social media ads! We'll craft eye-catching campaigns to put your business in the spotlight.


Our SEO blogs are like the crown jewels of content. Informative, engaging, and Google's best friend – they'll keep your audience coming back for more.


No matter what the project budget or scope, we will create an outstanding and affordable website that works for you.

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More Value For your Money!

You get loads without spending loads. Top service, no hidden extras, and everything you need thrown in. It's a no-brainer.

Branded Graphics Included as Standard!

Fancy graphics? Included. We don’t do add-ons for stuff you actually need. It’s all in the mix from the get-go.

Unlimited Revisions?

Oh, absolutely! We're fully committed to your satisfaction and ensuring that every detail is just right. Your input and feedback are invaluable to us.

Other Agencies


They might make you pay more for what we give you straight up. Expect extra charges for the basics.

Charge For Adding Logo or Branding

Want graphics? That’ll be extra. It’s like ordering a burger and paying extra for the bun.

Hidden Extras

On the flip side, they may restrict the number of revisions you're allowed, and they might even charge extra for additional changes.

Monthly Packages That Are Cheaper than Your Daily Cappuccino!

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Building relationships with over 100+ clients and providing services in 10+ Sectors.